Vizlytics overcomes the latency of traditional analytics platforms, allowing data scientists and network analysts to visualize and interact with billion row datasets, accelerate machine learning algorithms, and run advanced SQL queries with a click

  • By 2021, global mobile data traffic will reach 49 exabytes per month
  • 5G’s full economic effect of up to $12 trillion will be realized globally by 2035
  • Analytics can help reduce customer churn by 15%

Make Faster Decisions & Reduce Customer Churn

Through Vizlytics’s accelerated analytics, billions of telecommunication records can now be visualized, mapped, layered, and analyzed, all on an intuitive dashboard. Unravel complex spatio-temporal relationships. Cross-filter to hone-in on rich insights. Interact with all of your data, from all sources, and discover new ways to delight customers and optimize network operations.

  • Understand historic patterns of customer churn to build predictive Machine Learning models
  • Rapidly spot network anomalies for field service and preventative maintenance
  • Derive real-time insights from real-time events in order to rapidly understand complex customer experiences

See It for Yourself!

Our Mobile Network Quality Demo features 350 million crowd-sourced communication records you can interactively explore to analyze network coverage by carrier, location, and time.

SEP 2019 telco demo v4_450.gif

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